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about our company

Rotor home is founded by design duo Avenue & Plume as a configurable tiny habitat platform, for people who are passionate about exceptional architecture. With our team of renowned specialists, construction geeks, architects and you, we create amazing eco-friendly habitats. Jaw-dropping designs solutions for everyday use for business and private.
Rotor Home comes as a prefabricated mobile habitat equipped with a stunning rotatable wind and watertight portal. The portal opens like a pivot wall and we call it the Rotor Wall. Rotor Wall serves as a platform for various design applications and markets. Inside Rotor Home you find a well-organized floor plan, generous open living spaces, a spastyle bathroom and a two-person vertical folding bed that transforms the living room into a master bedroom in the evening. For family’s storage facilities and guest bedroom purpose, you find a loft across the full width of the tiny house above the bathroom and two kids’ bedroom. The floor-to-ceiling wooden windows create lush and abundant light and are a pleasure to the senses. Large panorama double doors and windows merge the interior and exterior and together with the rotatable Rotor Wall Kitchen it softens the boundaries between in and outdoor living. Living in a Rotor Home with the innovating Rotor Wall Kitchen, helps opening up community homes to share living together by putting living with nature first. An architectural embracement from inside to outside and vice versa. A sustainable design platform developed for three participation groups: private participants, hospitality participants and business to business participants



Building a climate-friendly, low-carbon society and economy is a big challenge for nowadays generation and future generations, but also a great opportunity for change. Many of these necessary technologies exist already but Rotor Homes merged them together in a challenge to apply them on everyday life.
In order to do so, Rotor Home is designed as a modular and platformbased design around our patent pending Rotor Walls. Listening to the great feedback and response from our clients, who are currently occupying the first Rotor Home, we look forward to developing future sustainable configurations for this platform in the coming years.
At the moment Rotor Home is available in three different Wall configurations:

A Rotor Home equipped with revolving kitchen is widely applicable, is eco-friendly and serves in an innovative way markets like luxurious hotels, restaurants and tiny home owners in search of breath-taking and conscious experiences.
Experience how the Rotor Kitchen transforms your daily necessity such as cooking into an even more meaningful and gratifying ritual. Sharing a meal tradition becomes more valuable and fun. To make sure this can be done in a sustainable way, you will discover integrated solar panels on the rooftop when opening the portal. Experience as a chef how hospitality and outdoor living come together by welcoming guests with the warm gesture of a transformative kitchen opening up onto the terrace for a starlit chef’s table dinner. A Rotor Home with rotatable kitchen can be a great small mobile restaurant for business purposes.

Experience in your second home how tradition, craftsmanship and authenticity meet in the eco-chic Rotor Spa made out of western red cedar. This Scandinavian dream on wheels configuration is not only wood-fired but combines residual heat from the woodfired central heating and solar panels for a breath-taking outdoor spa experience.

A Rotor Home equipped with revolving vertical farm brings the experience of self-sufficiency and modern agriculture to your home. The vertical farm is very practical in use and maintenance as it can be rotated outwards making daily dirty jobs like watering, repotting and harvesting a breeze. As a mobile vertical farm facility, this version of our
Rotor Home can help younger generations rediscover the value of smallscale agriculture in an impactful and fun way! Bring the seasons into your home by teaching children through sowing, growing and harvesting together in the compact hydroponic greenhouses.





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Underneath the sophisticated appearance of Rotor Home lies a solid frame produced from sustainable wood that supports the prefabricated walls. The frame is available in sustainably produced bamboo, pinewood or steel. The distinct diagonal mounting of the durable rabat parts of the outer wall is not only placed for the aesthetic character of the Rotor Home, but refers back to a source of inspiration from nature, swaying reeds. In cooperation with clients, other building materials and options are examined for the cladding of the outer walls with bio-based materials.
As an example, the insulation material of the Rotor Home is available in mycelium (fungal threads mixed with residual material) and sheep wool. A wood-fired central heating with boiler and stoves are completed by a solar powered electrical installation as backbone of the house for off-grid living. The technical space under the fixed staircase houses most of the installation technology out of sight. As a sanitary facility we find a hyper modern dry toilet, sleek and stylishly designed and equipped with urine separation, so faeces and paper can be dried by the inline ventilation! This ensures that the toilet has no odors and the contents dry and lighten. The urine can be disposed in 3 ways; 1 connected to the sink drain, 2 collected in a separate urine tank, 3 infiltrated into a special gravel or helophyte filter. The dry contents, after a period of 3-4-5 weeks in a closed compost bin, can compost for 1 year and then be safely used in the vertical farm, or it can be added to the organic waste. The rainwater collection system of Rotor Home is built in underneath the split level of the habitat. Rainwater harvesting and collection tanks are often bulky and difficult to store. But in this way, the 1000-liter tank is practically installed and the resulting difference in height is used as a split level for the living room. And harmonious differentiation is created between the individual living areas in the house.



The parallelogram shaped Rotor Kitchen itself opens and closes automatically by means of a smart door handle and in the future may also be operable by app.
For safety reasons it comes with a warning sensor and automatic stop integrated in the free passage of the portal that detects when objects or persons are in danger. Furthermore, we will like to update the house with a fully integrating and animal friendly mosquito deterrent system to ensure that mosquitoes do not cause a nuisance.


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– 2019 Archie Expo

– Goldman Gallery

– Vista Tomorrow ‘09

– 2017 Modern Daily

– 10th Annual Regarda

– Hamilton Showcase


– Imminent Plaza

– 2nd place, Tokyo

– 1st jury prize, NYCA

– 2018 Riviera Aw.

– NYC’s Most Wanted

– Fresh Faces, Ammi



Since Rotor Home measures a compact habitat that can be completely prefabricated and preassembled, the production costs and construction time are well scalable. Single pieces to multi-piece deliveries are possible in order to respond flexibly to the different customer groups. The foundation of Rotor Home consists of a galvanized double-axle chassis that is prepared for the installation of the matching steel terrace frame, to support the rotation of the rotating wall. It also houses the rainwater collection system of the house and pumping system.
The casco of Rotor Home is constructed as a wooden durable plywood habitat and is equipped with the unique Rotor Wall. The prefabricated wall sections are constructed of durable Finnish Koskisen plywood, which is ranked for very low formaldehyde emission. Koskisen plywood products are ecological throughout their life cycle and available in a rich palette of finishes. This also allows for cost and finishing time savings for clients by delivering interior walls in the precast manufacturing process, turnkey. The exterior walls are clad in thermally modified rabbet and are stapled diagonally on all sides. From this base, clients can choose from the three Rotor Wall configurations mentioned earlier: Kitchen, Wood-fired Spa and Vertical Farm. Other custom designs of the Rotor Wall platform are certainly possible on request. The installation of the eco sanitary and the sustainable electrical facilities such as solar panels, boiler and wood-fired central heating are part of the casco delivery.





Talking about Rotor Home’s innovative features we could mention the distinctive parallelogram shape of the portal, which ensures the continuous wind and water tightness of the Rotor Wall. We could talk about the sustainable electrical facilities in the form of the designer solar panels and wood-fired central heating system. We could speak with proud
about all of the sustainable building materials used for the precast walls and sheep wool insulation. But many architects and designers have preceded us on those very relevant points and we will continue to do so.

No, the real innovation of the Rotor Home is what living on the border of inside and outside does to the users. The design places an everyday action, which is the opening and closing of a door, drawer or facade in a totally different light! Once you stand in a Rotor Home and rotate the entire facade of the house to the outside, it is child’s play. It creates an immersive sense of openness. Bringing your interior outside that thereby takes on an exterior function is unique on this scale. We open doors, drawers and gates every day but opening facades and stepping outside into a spa or harvesting your vertical farm is of a different order and magnitude. Rotor Home not only contributes to reducing your ecological footprint, but lets you blur your relationship with indoors and outdoors, creating more connection with nature.


Climate change is a daily reminder of how times have changed. But after a pandemic, we may also have started to look differently at the world around us. People have begun to think more consciously about social relationships and this has brought them closer to each other or to themselves, both socially and spiritually. This has greatly stimulated the need in many people to live closer to and with nature.

As designers, we see it as our responsibility not only to want to contribute to the appreciation and cultivation of design and beautiful architecture.But we also look for ways through our designs to express the need to really contribute to a sustainable tomorrow in realizable and reachable products.
Products like our Rotor Home inspire more people to build on a environment-friendly, low-carbon society and economy.


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Creative minds

People behind the idea

Eddy van der Laan
Vera Selhorst
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